Amerika ‘Irarajwe Ishinga N’Utunenge Twaranze Amatora’ Yo Mu Rwanda.


Ku musi wa gatanu itariki 4 za Myandagaro 2017 niho haba amatora mu Rwanda aho uwusanzwe atwara ico gihugu Paul Kagame yariko ahiganwa nabandi bakandida babiri. Ayo matora akaba yarangiye ku ntsinzi idasanzwe ya Paul Kagame ku bice 98,86 kw’ijana. Ariko rero, Ibihugu bimwe bimwe nka Leta Zunze Ubumwe Za Amerika zamaze kugaragaza ko amatora yaranzwemwo utunenge.

Departema ya Leta ya Amerika ikaba yaciye isohora itangazo ryo gukeza abanyarwanda ku matora bakoze, ariko rero Amerika ikaba yavuze ko “ ihagaritwswe umutima ko amatora yaranzwemwo utunenge mu Rwanda.Abo bahiganwa babiri akaba ata numwe yashikanye igice kimwe kwijana muri ayo matora.

Kagame akaba agiye kuyobora igihugu c’urwanda iyindi myaka indwi, naho nawe yagirizwa ko adaha umwidemvyo abo batavuga rumwe. Leta zunze Ubumwe za Amerika zikaba zikeza uko ibinyamakuru vyakoze, maze ico gihugu ca rutura kw’isi kikaba gisaba ko ‘abamenyeshamakuru bigenga bokora ibishoboka vyose bakaza baratangaza ibitagenze neza mu guha ijambo abatavuga rumwe n’ubutegetsi’.

Paul Kagama yabwiye abamushigikiye ejo ku musi wa gatandatu ati: “Aya matora yiyamirijwe cane kubera jewe mbandanya kubabera umurongozi, na cane cane abari hanze y’igihugu kuko barwanya igomba ry’abanyarwanda. Ariko abanyarwanda berekanye ko badashaka gukoreshwa maze bakora ico bashaka kibari ku mutima”.

Naho ibihugu vya rutura kw’isi bikunze kwiyamiriza uko amatora aba yagenze mu kuvuga ko yabayemwo ‘utunenge tunaka’, biragaragara ko ibihugu bimwe bimwe bitagishaka ko ‘abo hanze’ bisuka mu matora yabo. Ibi biramaze kugaragazwa n’ibihugu nka Angola, Venezuela, n’ibindi.


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